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학술지 IntelliTC: Intelligent Inter-DC Traffic Controller for the Internet of Everything Service based on Fog Computing
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곽지영, 조충래, 신용윤, 양선희
IET Communications, v.12 no.2, pp.193-205
19HH1200, 초연결 지능 인프라 원천기술 연구개발, 김선미
As the data size on smart things continue to grow, it becomes inefficient to transfer the massive raw data to centralized cloud datacenters for the analysis of raw data and the deployment of innovative and novel services into various areas such as smart cities, etc. As the concept of Fog Computing, the structure of distributed intelligent infrastructure can address those problems by providing elastic resources and services to end users with smart devices at the edge of network. Hence, through the functions of analytics and flexible control based on the Software-Defined Network (SDN), it is necessary to provide the SDN-driven management intelligence, which can maximize network utilization subject to constraints on service priority and resources fairness by differentiating service flows according to the quality requirements. This paper proposes the SDN controller for intelligent inter-datacenter (inter-DC) cloud networking, which enables optimal traffic loads distribution across the distributed datacenters with the global inter-DC view of link states and flow statistics by applying the network-aware flow scheduling on a policy-driven inter-DC traffic control layer. The proposed intelligent inter-DC controller performs a global resources scheduling mechanism that uses different weights according to the priority of service class in allocating bandwidths based on multi-layers networking interconnecting the distributed datacenters.
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Cloud Data Centers, Control layer, Data size, Elastic resources, End-users, Flexible control, Flow scheduling, Inter-DC, Inter-datacenter, Internet of Everything, Network aware