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학술대회 An Adaptive Recursive Control Method for Peak Shaving in Zero Energy Community
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남홍순, 정연쾌
International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia (MoMM) 2019, pp.1-5
19PH1700, 제로에너지타운 에너지클라우드 구현을 위한 융합기술 개발, 정연쾌
This paper proposes an adaptive recursive control method for peak shaving in zero energy community (ZEC). A ZEC uses renewable energy resources for power generation, however, which may increase the energy gap between demand and supply. Therefore, if no proper measure is applied, electricity costs are not adequately saved. The proposed method is to control energy storage systems (ESSs) to reduce both energy charge and demand charge simultaneously. It firstly calculates ESS control power depending on time-sensitive energy pricing for energy charge reduction and then recalculates the control power to mitigate peak powers for demand charge reduction using an adaptive recursive control method. Simulation results show that the method can effectively mitigate peak powers resulting in cost reduction.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control energy, Demand Charge Reduction, Demand and supply, Electricity cost, Energy charge, Energy gap, Peak Shaving, Power generation, Renewable energy resources, Time-sensitive, Zero energy community