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학술대회 A Ka-band GaAs Multi-function Chip with Wide-band 6-bit Phase Shifters and Attenuators for Satellite Applications
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정진철, 엄만석, 장동필, 염인복
European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) 2019, pp.1-4
18HR3700, [전문연구실] 위성탑재체 핵심원천기술 개발 , 장동필
This paper presents a monolithic microwave integrated circuit multi-function chip with wide operating frequency range of 20 GHz to 32 GHz for a Ka-band phased array antenna in satellite and 5-G applications. This chip implemented using a 0.5-μm GaAs pHEMT process includes several functional blocks of 6-bit digital phase shifters, 6-bit digital attenuators, amplifiers, and a serial-to-parallel converter for the digital circuit control. The coverage ranges of the phase shifter and attenuator are 360째 with a step of 5.625째 and 23.625 dB with a step of 0.375 dB, respectively. This chip demonstrates the RMS phase and attenuation errors of 5째 and 0.3 dB, respectively, in the frequency range. The chip has a compact size of 3 mm × 3 mm, and exhibits a typical gain of 2 dB.
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Compact size, Digital attenuators, Digital phase shifter, GaAs pHemt, Microwave monolithic integrated circuits(MMIC), Multi-function chip(MFC), Satellite applications, Serial-to-parallel converter, Wide band, digital circuit, ka-band