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학술대회 An Efficient Power Management Method For IoT Devices of Moving Network
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최민석, 정희상, 김일규
International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) 2020, pp.29-31
19HH4400, [사회문제] 통신비 부담 경감을 위한 대중교통수단에서의 공공와이파이 체감 품질 개선, 김일규
Recently, various machine type communication (MTC) has been used in various fields of 4G and 5G mobile communication. Besides, IoT devices used in moving network environments need to be highly available and have excellent battery efficiency. Among them, the IoT device, which is used for measurement and notification, intermittently transmits a small amount of data. The MTC with this characteristic has a small signal overhead for establishing an RRC connection, including a random access (RA) process for transmitting and receiving data. This paper proposes a method to reduce the overhead presented above. For a device having a characteristic of transmitting and receiving a small amount of data periodically and periodically, we propose a method of maintaining a bearer fluidly by setting up a dedicated bearer. It has the effect of sending and receiving data through a bearer that remains fluid without the latency and power consumption of the whole procedure. Even in the device with characteristics, we propose an idea by analyzing various scenarios according to the data transmission environment so that various devices can be applied comprehensively.
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5G mobile communication, Battery efficiency, Data transmission, IoT Devices, Machine-type-communication(MTC), Power Consumption, Random Access, Setting up, Small-signal, power management