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학술지 Ultraflexible and Transparent Electroluminescent Skin for Real-time and Super-resolution Imaging of Pressure Distribution
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이병문, 오지영, 조희연, 주철웅, 윤현수, 정수진, 오은호, 변정환, 김한울, 이승환, 서지숙, 박찬우, 최수경, 박래만, 강승열, 황치선, 안성덕, 이정익, 홍용택
Nature Communications, v.11, pp.1-11
Nature Research
19HB1500, 디스플레이 일체형 투명 틀렉서블 복합 생체인식 디바이스 핵심기술 개발, 안성덕
The ability to image pressure distribution over complex three-dimensional surfaces would significantly augment the potential applications of electronic skin. However, existing methods show poor spatial and temporal fidelity due to their limited pixel density, low sensitivity, or low conformability. Here, we report an ultraflexible and transparent electroluminescent skin that autonomously displays super-resolution images of pressure distribution in real time. The device comprises a transparent pressure-sensing film with a solution-processable cellulose/nanowire nanohybrid network featuring ultrahigh sensor sensitivity (>5000 kPa?닋1) and a fast response time (<1 ms), and a quantum dot-based electroluminescent film. The two ultrathin films conform to each contact object and transduce spatial pressure into conductivity distribution in a continuous domain, resulting in super-resolution (>1000 dpi) pressure imaging without the need for pixel structures. Our approach provides a new framework for visualizing accurate stimulus distribution with potential applications in skin prosthesis, robotics, and advanced human-machine interfaces.
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Human-machine interaction(HMI), Pixel density, Potential applications, Pressure distribution, Quantum Dot(QD), Real-Time, Sensing film, Spatial and temporal, Super-resolution imaging, Three dimensional(3D), Ultrathin film
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