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학술대회 Brain-inspired Method for Hyper-connected and Distributed Intelligence
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김상기, 김선미
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC) 2020, pp.1-4
19HH1200, 초연결 지능 인프라 원천기술 연구개발, 김선미
In a large-scale IoT environment such as a future smart city, various sensors and autonomous cars/drones/robots collect and process a wide variety of data. However existing monolithic or silo style operation of smart city makes hard to solve the problem when an unseen complex event occurs. In this paper, we suggest a structure and method of distributed intelligence processing which mimics the function and network structure of the brain in order to efficiently control the complex situations. Our approach utilizes local and rapid processing in parallel as well as global and exploratory processing through cooperation and competition between local intelligence. It will give us an opportunity to realize the autonomous problem solving on a large scale hyper-connected network infrastructure, by finding an emergence structure of distributed intelligence that mimics human consciousness process.
KSP 제안 키워드
Autonomous Cars, Brain-inspired, Complex situations, Cooperation and competition, Distributed Intelligence, Hyper-connected, IoT environment, Smart city, large-scale, network infrastructure, network structure