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학술지 Compliance Testing for Human Body Model Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from a High-Power Wireless Charging System for Drones
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안장용, 홍선의, 김혜림, 전양배, 최형도, 김기범, Brito Andres, 최전성, 안승영
Radiation Protection Dosimetry, v.189 no.1, pp.13-27
Oxford University Press
20HH3900, 복합 전파환경에서의 국민건강 보호 기반 구축 사업, 최형도
Recently, a wireless charging system (WCS) for drones has been extensively studied, although standards for compliance testing of a WCS for drones have yet to be established. In this study, we propose methods for human exposure assessments of a WCS for drones by comprehensively considering the various positions of the system and the postures of human body models. The electromagnetic fields from a WCS are modeled and the internal quantities of the human body models, consisting of current density, internal electric field and specific absorption rate, are calculated. The incident fields around the WCS and the internal quantities are analyzed at 140 kHz, which is the operating frequency of the WCS applied. Results of an exposure assessment based on the confirmed worst-case scenario are presented. In addition, the internal quantities depending on the human body models and the material characteristics of the simplified models are also discussed using four different anatomical and simplified human body models.
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Compliance Testing, Electromagnetic Field, Exposure assessment, High power, Material characteristics, Operating frequency, Wireless Charging System, Worst-case scenario, current density, human body model(HBM), human exposure