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학술지 License Plate Image Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks for End-To-End License Plate Character Recognition froma Small Set of Real Images
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한병길, 이종택, 임길택, 최두현
Applied Sciences, v.10 no.8, pp.1-16
20ZD1100, 대경권 지역산업 기반 ICT 융합기술 고도화 지원사업, 문기영
License Plate Character Recognition (LPCR) is a technology for reading vehicle registration plates using optical character recognition from images and videos, and it has a long history due to its usefulness. While LPCR has been significantly improved with the advance of deep learning, training deep networks for LPCR module requires a large number of license plate (LP) images and their annotations. Unlike other public datasets of vehicle information, each LP has a unique combination of characters and numbers depending on the country or the region. Therefore, collecting a sufficient number of LP images is extremely difficult for normal research. In this paper, we propose LP-GAN, an LP image generation method, by applying an ensemble of generative adversarial networks (GAN), and we also propose a modified lightweight YOLOv2 model for an efficient end-to-end LPCR module. With only 159 real LP images available online, thousands of synthetic LP images were generated by using LP-GAN. The generated images not only looked similar to real ones, but they were also shown to be effective for training the LPCR module. As a result of performance tests with 22,117 real LP images, the LPCR module trained with only the generated synthetic dataset achieved 98.72% overall accuracy, which is comparable to that of training with a real LP image dataset. In addition, we improved the processing speed of LPCR about 1.7 times faster than that of the original YOLOv2 model by using the proposed lightweight model.
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End to End(E2E), Image datasets, Image generation, License plate character recognition, License plate image, Lightweight model, Optical character recognition, Overall accuracy, Performance Test, Processing speed, Public Datasets
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