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학술대회 Wind-aware Content Caching for Smart Farm
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조성균, Max Muhlhauser, 김세한
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2020, pp.1-6
20HU1100, 축산질병 예방 및 통제 관리를 위한 ICT 기반의 지능형 스마트 안전 축사 기술 개발, 김세한
In this paper, we propose a new sustainable approach for content-centric networking (CCN) where content caching performs towards wind-aware content delivery. We design a caching strategy, where we first define the windiness of nodes, a quantitative metric for measuring the available power generation from wind turbines, based on which we identify corresponding windy paths and encourage content to aggregate on windy paths powered by more wind energy. We validate our approach with a variety of simulations using real smart farm testbed topology and its meteorological datasets from Rep. of Korea, and the results show that applying the proposed wind-aware caching scheme achieves significant gains by reducing existing fossil-fuel energy.
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Caching scheme, Content Caching, Content-centric networking(CCN), Power generation, Smart farm, Sustainable approach, Wind energy, available power, caching strategy, content delivery, wind turbine