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학술대회 Human Pose Estimation Using Articulated ICP
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백성민, 길연희
International Conference on Control and Robot Technology (ICCRT) 2019, pp.125-129
19HS6900, 발달장애인의 가상 직업훈련 효과강화를 위한 장애특화 몰입 콘텐츠 기술개발, 길연희
This paper proposes a method of human pose reconstruction using the depth data inputs in multi depth sensors. Utilizing the articulated ICP technique for pose estimation, the proposed method firstly maps a model from parent nodes, and then searches the points adjacent to joints. The proposed method addresses the challenges of the existing method of using a single sensor such as occlusion, and enables real-time 3D pose reconstruction involving movements and 360째omni-directional rotations while tracking 1~5 user IDs. Precluding the necessity of pre-training data or motion capture data, the method uses a simple model to compute the ICP and applies the point search, which allows the fast and accurate pose reconstruction.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D pose, Depth Data, Depth sensor, Fast and accurate, Human pose estimation, Motion Capture Data, Pre-Training, Real-time 3d, human pose reconstruction, simple model, single sensor