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학술대회 Exception of Dominant Interfering Beam: Low Complex Beam Scheduling in mmWave Networks
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김은경, 곽정호, 정송
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2020, pp.1-6
19MH1400, (초저지연-2세부) 5G URLLC 서비스를 위한 초저지연 무선 접속 기술 개발, 김태중
We begin this paper by asking a simple question: All beams can be simultaneously activated thanks to the ignorable inter-beam interference and sharp beam shape in mmWave networks This paper provides a counter-intuitive observation that interference between one-hop adjacent beams still significantly affects the network performance in mmWave networks. Leveraging this observation, we revisit an optimization of interbeam scheduling problem in a network-wide mmWave system on top of a physical layer precoding technique and suggest practical and low-complex beam on/off scheduling and corresponding user scheduling algorithms. Finally, via simulations in a real mmWave network environment, we reveal that the proposed algorithm attains close to the performance of an optimal policy which has much higher computational complexity.
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Beam Scheduling, Beam shape, Computational complexity, MmWave networks, Network performance, Optimal policy, Physical Layer, Scheduling algorithm, User scheduling, inter-beam interference, network environment