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학술지 A Novel Three-dimensional Magnetic Particle Imaging System based on the Frequency Mixing for the Point-of-care Diagnostics
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최승민, 정재찬, 김진선, 임을균, 김창범, 박상진, 송대용, Hans-Joachim Krause, 홍효봉, 권인소
Scientific Reports, v.10, pp.1-16
Nature Research
The magnetic particle imaging (MPI) is a technology that can image the concentrations of the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) which can be used in biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics as non-radioactive tracers. We proposed a point-of-care testing MPI system (PoCT-MPI) that can be used for preclinical use for imaging small rodents (mice) injected with SPIONs not only in laboratories, but also at emergency sites far from laboratories. In particular, we applied a frequency mixing magnetic detection method to the PoCT-MPI, and proposed a hybrid field free line generator to reduce the power consumption, size and weight of the system. The PoCT-MPI is 20×33×45cm3 in size and weighs less than 100 kg. It can image a three-dimensional distribution of SPIONs injected into a biosample with less than 120 Wh of power consumption. Its detection limit is 0.13μL, 10혻mg/mL, 1.3μg (Fe).
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Biomedical diagnostics, Detection Method, Detection limit, Field free line, Hybrid field, Non-radioactive, Point-of-Care testing, Point-of-care diagnostics, Power Consumption, Radioactive tracers, Superparamagnetic iron oxide(SPIO)
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