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학술대회 Development of Digital Signage Modules composed of Mini-LEDs using Laser-Assisted Bonding (LAB) Technology
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최광성, 주지호, 장기석, 엄용성, 최광문, 윤호경, 문석환, 김종선, 오민균, 최지훈, 최지웅, 조성윤, 최신, 박상홍, 김기철, 김상기, 김진성, 유세훈
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2020, pp.1031-1036
20PB1200, 초소형 태양광 cell 기반 25% 이상 모빌리티형 박막 태양광 모듈 개발, 최광성
Light-emitting diodes (LED) based displays are highlighted because of their interesting features compared with others. Especially, the LED display with active matrix (AM) has additional advantages such as low power consumption, elimination of current cross talk, and so on. However, AM- driving LED displays are fabricated on active substrates with transistors so that there are many problems like high-cost, difficulty in enhancing yield, and repair problem. As an alternative, an AM-driving LED display on a passive substrate has been developed in this study. One pixel is composed of RGB mini-LEDs and a control IC, fabricated using the CMOS technology. It can decrease the cost of a substrate compared with other AM LED displays, and keep constant the complexity of substrate regardless of the variations of the pitch of mini-LEDs. To mount mini-LEDs and control ICs at the same time needs the technical innovations because they have different surface finishes. Moreover, there is no solder resist layer on a substrate because of the fine-pitch of mini-LEDs and control ICs in a single pixel. The Solder-on-Pad (SoP), fluxing underfill, and Laser-Assisted Bonding (LAB) technologies are developed to implement digital signage modules, successfully.
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CMOS Technology, Cross Talk, Fine pitch, LED display, Laser-Assisted Bonding, Light-emitting diodes (leds), Solder resist, Surface finishes, active matrix, digital signage, light-emitting diode(LED)