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학술지 Diffusion-Dependent Graphite Electrode for All-Solid-State Batteries with Extremely High Energy Density
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김주영, 박주남, 이명주, 강석훈, 신동옥, 오지민, 김주미, 김광만, 이영기, 이용민
ACS Energy Letters, v.5 no.9, pp.2995-3004
American Chemical Society(ACS)
20JB1300, 나노입자의 차원 제어를 통한 흑연/고체전해질 복합체 기반의 3차원 구조 음극 설계 및 조성 최적화, 이영기
In all-solid-state batteries, the electrode has been generally fabricated as a composite of active material and solid electrolyte to imitate the electrode of lithium-ion batteries employing liquid electrolytes. Therefore, an efficient protocol to spatially arrange the two components with a scalable method is critical for high-performance all-solid-state batteries. Herein, a design of the all-solid-state electrode is presented for all-solid-state batteries with higher energy density than the typical composite-type electrode. The proposed electrode, composed mostly of the active materials, has a seamless interface between the active materials, which allows interparticle lithium-ion diffusion. Thus, the solid electrolyte can be completely excluded during the electrode manufacturing process, which enables higher flexibility for fabrication protocol by relieving the concerns about (electro)chemistry related to solid electrolytes. Furthermore, it can dramatically enhance the normalized energy density by increasing the content of the active material in the electrode. This electrode concept provides a meaningful advance toward high-performance all-solid-state batteries.
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Active materials, All-solid-state electrodes, Electrode manufacturing, High energy density, High performance, Ion batteries, Liquid electrolyte, Lithium-ion diffusion, Manufacturing processes, Scalable method, Seamless interface