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학술대회 Toward Effective IT Services in Defence Talent Management Platform
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조은영, 손진희, 블라고, 전성우, 백재욱, 이소연, 이창은, 최진모, 페이사, 박상준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1605-1608
20HR6100, 군내 병영생활 안전 및 인재관리 신뢰성 문제해결, 박상준
There are various problems in society that can be solved by IT technology, and we would like to provide a technique to mitigate safety incidents and accidents that occur continuously in military life. As the current use of smart devices by soldiers has had a positive effect, it becomes possible to provide specialized care services such as personalized health care, psychology care, physical strength check-up and feedback by AI coaches, based on the requirements of the soldiers. These services can provide a reliable and safe environment for personnel fulfilling the duty of defense. However, in order to figure out the psychological factors of problems such as barracks accidents caused by special environments of soldiers, those services need an AI technology with the level of explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) or Artificial Wisdom (AW) beyond handling a psychological feedback. Therefore, in this paper, we propose IT platform services that are able to support the needs currently raised to deal with problems that arise in the mid- to long-term life of the specific group as universal social welfare issues.
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IT Services, IT technology, Long-term life, Management Platform, Personalized Healthcare, Psychological factors, Smart devices, Social welfare, Strength check, Talent management, artificial intelligence