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학술대회 Experiments on The Effectiveness of The Variable Contents Digital Cluster
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김경호, 권영진, 황윤숙, 김도현
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.820-822
20ZS1200, 인간중심의 자율지능시스템 원천기술연구, 김도현
In this paper, we briefly describe the subject-based experiments to analyze the effects of the contents variable digital cluster installed in vehicle, on the driver's driving performance, visual attention, and psychological states. Experiments were conducted using computer and vehicle simulator equipped with the variable contents digital cluster with subjects including elderly drivers, female drivers, novice drivers, and other general drivers. The subject first evaluated preferences for each variable content provided by the digital cluster through the evaluation sheet. Next, the subject performed a content change detection rate experiment to react when the content change of the digital cluster is detected while driving along a predetermined route after boarding the vehicle simulator. Finally, the subject also performed an experiment on the effectiveness of variable contents functions to recognize the current driving speed when the content of the digital cluster is changed while driving the simulator. As measurement values for analysis, vehicle behavior information, ECG information, and gaze tracking information were extracted and computed. Now we are designing the statistical analysis methods to verify how the variable contents functions are effective from the perspectives of the driving safety, driver's cognitive processing, and psychological states.
KSP 제안 키워드
Change detection, Cognitive Processing, Driving Performance, Driving speed, Novice drivers, Statistical Analysis Methods, Vehicle Behavior, content change, detection rate(DR), driving safety, elderly drivers