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학술대회 On the Effect of Shadowing Correlation on Hybrid Precoding Performance for Cell-free mmWave massive MIMO UDN System
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.914-919
20HH3200, 고밀집 네트워크(UDN) 환경에서 고용량, 저비용 달성을 위한 무선전송 기술 개발, 홍승은
One of promising transmission technologies for beyond-5G wireless communication is cell-free massive MIMO where all the access nodes (ANs) cooperate to coherently serve all the user equipments (UEs). Based on the benefits from massive MIMO, the novel notion of cell-free network architecture is adequate to overcome the inter-cell interference limitation in ultra-dense network (UDN) environments, owing to the full cooperation among ANs. In this paper, we develop synergetic operations between the cell-free massive MIMO and mmWave ultra-wide frequency band, which is able to provide a genuine high-quality and robust wireless pervasive service by fully utilizing the basic three pillars for wireless capacity, such as bandwidth, spectral efficiency and network densification. For this goal, we study the impacts of analog precoding schemes to be combined with zero-forcing digital precoding on cell-free mmWave massive MIMO UDN systems. In addition, we investigate the effect of correlated shadowing on the average spectral efficiency performance for the proposed hybrid precoding schemes in both outdoor and indoor UDN environments.
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5G wireless communication, High-quality, Hybrid Precoding, Network Architecture, Pervasive services, Spectral efficiency(SE), Ultra-dense network, User equipment(UE), Wide frequency band, Zero forcing(ZF), average spectral efficiency