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학술대회 A Study of Sofa-Type Capacitive Coupling Electrocardiograph System to Measure Stress Relief for Sleeping or Resting with Oxygen Taking
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장용원, 김승환, 김기성, 유돈식
International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) 2020, pp.4547-4550
20HR1400, 수면관리 서비스 및 상호운용성 지원 표준개발, 유돈식
Non-contact electrode type electrocardiograph system was researched in various fields, but few products are commercially available. In this study, we proposed a sofa-type capacitive coupling electrocardiograph which has possibilities to be commercialized. The base system is a commercially available oval shape sofa that provides oxygen. We developed a capacitive coupling electrocardiograph and embedded it into the base system. The system gives feedback by measuring the ECG signal on stress relief during resting with taking oxygen provided by the sofa. In the capacitive coupling electrocardiograph, it is inevitable to develop a suitable active electrode for the target system, so we developed that comprised of a surface electrode, electronics, and metal case. The surface electrode was made of PCB with two layers of copper plate: the top layer is for coupling function (coated with AU), and the bottom layer plays a role as a shield. The fabricated active electrode module is embedded into the sofa. The purpose of the developed electrocardiograph is to measure HRV of sofa users. The measured HRV was compared with that from a reference system by various coupling distances (cotton cloth thickness) to guarantee the quality of measured signals. The comparison result shows that RRI correlation was mostly over 0.99, SDNN variation rate was mostly under 1%, and LF/HF variation rate was less than 1% in the tested thicknesses.
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Active electrode, Capacitive Coupling, Cotton cloth, Coupling function, ECG signal, Electrode module, Metal case, Non-contact electrode, Oval shape, Reference System, Stress Relief