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학술대회 Reliability Enhancement Scheme for Wireless Backhaul in High Speed Train
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송재수, 백승권
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.894-897
20HH8400, 고속열차 환경에서의 초고속 미디어 서비스 지원을 위한 5G 진화 기반 초고주파 무선전송 기술 공동연구, 백승권
In this paper, we propose a method to improve the reliability of a wireless link when a wireless backhaul is used to support a broadband mobile communication service in a high-speed train environment. To this end, we introduce a dual relay structure in which two relays are installed at the front and the rear of the train, and apply MR-DC(Multi Radio Dual Connectivity) and PD(Packet Duplication) scheme defined in 3GPP standard. In this paper, we show that the reliability of the wireless backhaul of high speed train can be improved when these schemes are applied in high-speed train using well known network simulator, NS-3. According to the simulation results, the reliability of the wireless backhaul is improved by applying DC and PD, however the resource utilization efficiency is degraded seriously due to PD scheme. Therefore, there is a further consideration for improving reliability that does not degrade the resource utilization efficiency of wireless link, which is a conclusion of this paper.
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Broadband mobile communication, Communication services, Enhancement scheme, Network simulator(NS), Packet duplication, Reliability enhancement, Resource utilization efficiency, dual connectivity, high-speed trains, multi-radio, ns-3