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학술대회 Session and Service Continuity Visualization Monitoring System for 5G Network
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.995-1000
20HH8600, 고신뢰·저지연 5G+ 코어 네트워크 및 5G-TSN 스위치 기술 개발, 김창기
The 5G SA(Standalone) system is a true 5G system using 5G radio between a user terminal and a base station and using a 5G core network as a core network. In 5G SA network, to support mobility of 5G UE, session and service continuity must be supported. To support session and service continuity, the 5G SA network has three session and service continuity modes (SSC1, SSC2, SSC3). However, 5G network system operators have no way of knowing whether various session and service flow delivery methods such as SSC1, SSC2 and SSC3 are normally performed. Therefore, this paper proposes a 5G core network session and service continuity visualization monitoring system that can visualize and monitor the session and service flow operation process so that the operator can easily observe.
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5G Network, 5G Radio, 5G system, Core Network, Monitoring system, Network system, Operation process, Service continuity, base station(BS)