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학술대회 OFDM-based 25Gbps Wireless Backhaul System for 5G Convergence Service
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문영진, 김준우, 문장원, 이용수, 방승재, 손경열, 이훈
International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) 2020, pp.814-817
19MH1300, 5G 융합서비스를 위한 20Gbps P2MP 무선백홀 기술 개발, 이훈
In order to provide backhaul link wirelessly for emerging convergence services, we develop an OFDM-based backhaul system operating in the E-band channel. Firstly, we make our own backhaul specification considering the E band channel in which the proposed backhaul system operates, where LDPC, 1024-QAM and 2-stream transmission using dual polarizations are adopted. Based on the specification, we simulate the PER performance on AWGN and modified 3GPP channel environment respectively and implement the backhaul system on FPGA (Xilinx Virtex UltraScale xcvu440). To compensate the RF impairments, several baseband signal processing techniques such as phase tracking, IQ balancing and XPIC are used. The backhaul system we develop can support up to 25Gbps throughput in a 2GHz channel bandwidth.
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1024-QAM, Baseband signal processing, Channel bandwidth, Dual-polarization, Phase tracking, RF impairment, Xilinx virtex, backhaul link, signal processing techniques, wireless backhaul