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학술대회 Secure IoT Device Authentication Scheme using Key Hiding Technology
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김병구, 윤승용, 강유성, 최두호
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1808-1810
20HR1700, (총괄+1세부) IoT 디바이스 자율 신뢰보장 기술 및 글로벌 표준기반 IoT 통합보안 오픈 플랫폼 기술개발, 강유성
As the amount of information distributed and processed through IoT(Internet of Things) devices is absolutely increased, various security issues are also emerging. Above all, since IoT technology is directly applied to our real life, there is a growing concern that the dangers of the existing cyberspace can be expanded into the real world. In particular, leaks of keys necessary for authentication and data protection of IoT devices are causing economic and industrial losses through illegal copying and data leakage. Therefore, this paper introduces the research trend of hardware and software based key hiding technology to respond to these security threats, and proposes IoT device authentication techniques using them. The proposed method fundamentally prevents the threat of exposure of the authentication key due to various security vulnerabilities by properly integrating hardware and software based key hiding technologies. That is, this paper provides a more reliable IoT device authentication scheme by using key hiding technology for authentication key management.
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Authentication key(AUK), Authentication technique, Data Leakage, Data protection, Device authentication, Internet of thing(IoT), IoT Devices, Key management, Real-world, Research trend, Secure IoT