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학술대회 Experimental Demonstration of Optically Disaggregated Memory for Edge Data Centers
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윤지욱, 한경은, 이현재, 송종태, 이준기
Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC) 2020, pp.1-3
20HH1500, [전문연구실] 초정밀 서비스 실현을 위한 On-Time·On-Rate 무선액세스 및 광에지 클라우드 네트워킹 핵심기술 개발, 고영조
This paper shows the experimental demonstration of optically disaggregated memory. A novel system architecture based on disaggregated memory access logic and optical circuit switch is proposed. For the demonstration, optical circuit switch consisting of 9 * 9 AWGR and tunable optical transceivers was applied. The 9 * 9 AWGR has a maximum insertion loss of 3.2 dB and a latency of less than 12.8 ns over full C-band range. The disaggregated memory access logic was implemented in FPGAs. The measured round-trip time to access disaggregated memory was 934.4 ns and measured maximum data rate to read 64 bytes data from disaggregated memory was 7.352 Gbps over 10 Gbps optical link.
KSP 제안 키워드
C-band, Data center, Edge data, Maximum data rate, Memory Access, Optical Circuit Switch, Round trip time, System architecture, band range, experimental demonstration, insertion loss