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학술대회 Development of Unit Robot Skill based Task Recipe for Task Planning
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한효녕, 이은서, 강현철
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1720-1722
19PR2400, 개인맞춤제조를 위한 휴먼-로봇 협업지원 하이브리드 조립제조서비스 기술개발, 손지연
This paper introduces robot task planning recipe based on unit robot skills for multi task robots. In small quantity batch production and mixed flow manufacturing condition, machines and robots should execute various types of multi task for various shapes of objects. As a first step, this paper classified the actions of arm and gripper, and defined parameters of each modules; speed, type, and position. As a second step, this research organized unit actions for multiple tasks. Each action in the task was described by the arm or gripper positions which were composed of a combination of fixed parameter (home, jump and on positions) and real-time parameters (object and output positions). As a test, we created two task recipes; pick-and-place and peg-in-hole. The Pick-and-place task consisted of 14 units actions, and the peg-in-hole task consisted of 27 units actions with dual robots. This task recipe could be used in various degrees and number of the robot system.
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Mixed flow, Multiple tasks, Peg-in-hole, Pick-and-place, Real-Time, Robot System, Robot task, Second step, Task planning, batch production, multi-task