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학술대회 Drone Security Module for UAV Data Encryption
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김건우, 강유성
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1672-1674
20JR1300, 저고도 무인비행장치 교통관리체계 보안기술 및 불법 행위 억제 기술 개발, 강유성
As aviation technology gradually advances, the use of UAVs is gradually expanding in environments where are difficult for humans to perform directly and in dangerous environments. However, due to the security vulnerabilities of UAVs, illegal and malicious attacks against UAVs such as eavesdropping on communication data and obtaining UAV control are also increasing. One of solutions to prevent such attacks is to encrypt UAV's communication data and stored sensitive information. Therefore, we propose a drone security module to protect the communication data and storage information of the UAV, and briefly present the hardware design and software driver design of the drone security module. The drone security module is connected to the flight control computer or mission computer through a USB interface, and encrypts the control signal and telemetry data from the UAV to the ground control station.
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Control Signal, Driver Design, Drone security, Ground Control station, Hardware Design, Security Module, Security vulnerabilities, Sensitive information, Telemetry data, UAV control, USB Interface