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학술대회 Block-based Masking Region Relocation and Detection Method for Image Privacy Masking
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박소희, 김건우
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1586-1588
20HR6900, 5G 기반 모빌리티를 지원하는 범용지능형 영상보안엣지 핵심기술 개발, 김건우
The widespread use of CCTV and various image devices has become a primary cause of privacy invasion, because these are possible to record, share and leak privacy images without owners' consent. The image privacy masking is one of technology for privacy prevention, and its necessity has been increased owing to need of personal information protection and social safety in these days [1]. In this paper, we propose a block-based masking region relocation and detection method to overcome the shortage of the meta-data typed privacy region information sharing method of restorable image masking service. This method is based on the histogram difference between the original image and the masked image. It analyzes the histogram feature of images, and relocates the masking region information from the coordinate system to the block system. Therefore, it set and detect the masking region without additional information such as meta-data and the original image. For demonstration the feasibility of our approach, we used the real-world database and the experimental results show the applicability of the real privacy masking service.
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Coordinate system, Detection Method, Histogram difference, Histogram feature, Image masking, Image privacy, Information Sharing, Meta-data, Real-world, additional information, personal information protection