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학술대회 Analysis of Smart Street Lighting Mesh Network Using I2I Communication Technology
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송유승, 이신경, 민경욱
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.981-983
20HS2300, 고정밀 맵 음영 환경의 완전자율주행 네비게이션 인공지능 기술개발, 민경욱
In recent years, traffic safety services with road infrastructure such as street lights have attracted many attentions as a new safety service for the pedestrians and vehicles. The street lighting with intelligence for safety service is called smart lamppost and composed of an intelligent edge unit, camera, short range communication device, digital signage, etc. One of the main functions in the smart lamppost is to forward the safety information to the gateway node by an I2I communication system. Due to the nature of safety services, latency and throughput of the wireless mesh network are key performance indicators. There has been lack of research on street light network. In this paper, we analyze the latency and throughput at each node during multi-hop data transmission to the gateway node considering the practical height and location of the street light pole with channel interference and propagation path loss.
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Channel Interference, Communication device, Communication system, Data transmission, Gateway Node, Multi-Hop, Performance indicators, Propagation path loss, Road infrastructure, Safety information, Street lighting