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학술대회 Sensor Fusion-based Cooperative Human Detection Scheme using MAVs in Indoor Environment
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김명은, 방효찬, 이상연, 전지훈
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1401-1406
20ZR1100, 자율적으로 연결·제어·진화하는 초연결 지능화 기술 연구, 박준희
Human detection has been a challenging area of research with its main applications such as rescue, surveillance, and defense. Many researchers have endeavored to improve accuracy in human detection using multimodal sensor fusion, which analyzes and correlates data from multiple sensors. Recently, Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) have been adopted in safety and security domains due to their high mobility, but they could not be equipped with multiple sensors under strict weight limits. Indeed, a MAV with only one sensor has difficulty in detecting human with high accuracy in dynamic environment. In this paper, we propose a novel cooperative human detection scheme based on multimodal sensor fusion. The proposed scheme incorporates multiple modalities including appearance, motion, and voice. We implement a prototype system consisting of multiple MAVs enabling real-time processing on resource-constrained hardware. To verify the feasibility of the proposed scheme, we perform cooperative human detection experiments with multiple MAVs in indoor environment.
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Detection scheme, Dynamic Environment, High Mobility, High accuracy, Human detection, Indoor Environment, Micro Aerial Vehicles, Prototype system, Real-Time processing, Resource-constrained, Safety and security