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학술대회 Scheduling of Fully Dynamic TDD Cellular Networks with Control Signaling Considerations
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이안석, 이희수
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2020, pp.1089-1091
20JH1300, (초저지연-2세부) 5G URLLC 서비스를 위한 초저지연 무선 접속 기술 개발, 이희수
We study performances of Fully Dynamic Time Division Duplexing (FD-TDD) cellular networks with various scheduling and control signaling schemes, where the FD-TDD cellular networks operates with flexible timeslots, which can dynamically be assigned for either downlink (DL) or uplink (UL) transmission. To indicate DL or UL transmission, the BS generates downlink control information (DCI) and transmits via downlink control channel. For fully dynamic operation, control signalings for every timeslot are required and high control signaling overhead is accompanied. We propose a baseline scheduling algorithm for FD-TDD networks and provide advanced schemes considering control signaling constraints and overheads. Throughout extensive simulation studies, we provide performances of proposed schemes in FD-TDD networks. The results indicate that high degree of flexibility of FD-TDD network brings large control signaling overhead and performances are enhanced by the advanced control signaling schemes such as multiple slot transmission, relaxed uplink transmission timing, and early switchings.
KSP 제안 키워드
Advanced control, Cellular networks, Downlink Control Channel, Dynamic TDD, Dynamic operation, High degree, Scheduling algorithm, Scheduling and control, Simulation study, Time division duplexing(TDD), Transmission timing