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학술지 A Bird’s-eye View of Brain Activity in Socially Interacting Mice through Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
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김지수, 김채우, 한효빈, 조철준, 염우섭, 이성규, 최지현
Science Advances, v.6 no.49, pp.1-11
American Association for the Advancement of Science
20ZB1100, ICT 창의기술 개발, 백용순
Social cognition requires neural processing, yet a unifying method linking particular brain activities and social behaviors is lacking. Here, we embedded mobile edge computing (MEC) and light emitting diodes (LEDs) on a neurotelemetry headstage, such that a particular neural event of interest is processed by the MEC and subsequently an LED is illuminated, allowing simultaneous temporospatial visualization of that neural event in multiple, socially interacting mice. As a proof of concept, we configured our system to illuminate an LED in response to gamma oscillations in the basolateral amygdala (BLA gamma) in freely moving mice. We identified (i) BLA gamma responses to a spider robot, (ii) affect-related BLA gamma during conflict, and (iii) formation of defensive aggregation under a threat by the robot, and reduction of BLA gamma responses in the inner-located mice. Our system can provide an intuitive framework for examining brain-behavior connections in various ecological situations and population structures.
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Freely moving, Gamma oscillations, Mobile Edge Computing(MEC), Neural processing, Social Cognition, Social behavior, Temporospatial visualization, brain activity, light-emitting diode(LED), proof-of-concept, spider robot
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