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Conference Paper A Delete-based Beam Selection Algorithm for Cell-free Networks
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Seungkwon Cho, In-Kyeong Choi, Donghyuk Gwak, Hong Seung Eun
Issue Date
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.1620-1624
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21HH1100, 5G Open Intelligence-Defined RAN (ID-RAN) Technique based on 5G New Radio, Jeehyeon Na
In this paper, we propose a novel beam selection algorithm for cell-free networks. Taking into account practical channel measurements available in cell-free networks, the sum of reference signal received power (RSRP) at a user equipment (UE) is utilized as the metric for beam selection. Beam selection is formulated as a max-min optimization problem and modeled as edge selection in a complete bipartite graph in which a weight for an edge is the RSRP at a UE. By deleting the edges other than those connected to the UE with the smallest weight, the proposed algorithm solves the formulated problem. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the other investigated algorithms.
KSP Keywords
Channel measurement, Complete bipartite graph, Edge selection, Optimization problem, Reference Signal Received Power, User equipment(UE), beam selection, cell-free, max-min, selection algorithm, simulation results