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학술지 Investigations on Practical Issues in Solid Immersion Lens Based Sub-Wavelength Terahertz Imaging Technique: System Stability Verification and Interference Pattern Removal
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최다혜, 신준환, 이일민, 박경현
Sensors, v.21 no.21, pp.1-12
21ZB1100, ICT 창의기술 개발, 백용순
Terahertz (THz) imaging techniques are attractive for a wide range of applications, such as non-destructive testing, biological sensing, and security imaging. We investigate practical issues in THz imaging systems based on a solid immersion lens (SIL). The system stability in terms of longitudinal misalignment of the SIL is experimentally verified by showing that the diffractionlimited sub-wavelength beam size (0.7 {\\lambda}) is maintained as long as the SIL is axially located within the depth-of-focus (~13 {\\lambda}) of the objective lens. The origin of the fringe patterns, which are undesirable but inevitable in THz imaging systems that use continuous waves, is analytically studied, and a method for minimizing the interference patterns is proposed. By combining two THz images obtained at different axial positions of the object and separated by {\\lambda}/4, the interference patterns are significantly reduced, and the information hidden under the interference patterns is unveiled. The broad applicability of the proposed method is demonstrated by imaging objects with different surface profiles. Our work proves that the resolution of conventional THz imaging systems can easily be enhanced by simply inserting a SIL in front of the object with high tolerance in the longitudinal misalignment and provides a method enabling THz imaging for objects with different surface profiles.
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Beam size, Biological sensing, Depth of focus, High tolerance, Imaging techniques, Nondestructive testing, Objective lens, Practical issues, Security imaging, Surface profile, System stability
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