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학술대회 Unified Baseband Signal Generation for Multiple Component Carriers Using Phase Compensation
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전영일, 정찬복, 천익재, 이문식
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.1447-1449
21HH1400, 동적 기능분할을 지원하는 개방형 기지국 분산 유닛(DU) 기술 개발, 이문식
In this paper, we investigate the situation where the base station (BS) with a wider bandwidth communicates with the multiple user equipments (UEs) of a narrower bandwidth. In the Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems, although the bandwidth of the BS is large enough to contain multiple carrier components (CCs) for the UEs, the BS are not allowed to generate wide baseband signals because the LTE UEs are not designed to extract their CCs from such signals. To take the advantages of wideband operation, we propose a unified baseband signal generation method which covers multiple CCs. The proposed method is related to compensating the phases which are caused by the difference in center frequencies between BS and UEs. In order to reduce computation complexity, we also suggest an efficient technique calculating the phase values for the compensation process.
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Center frequency, Long term Evolution(LTE), Multiple component carriers, Signal generation, User equipment(UE), Wider Bandwidth, base station(BS), baseband signal, component carriers(CCs), computation complexity, multiple users