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학술대회 Temperature Sensor Circuit with Dynamic Element Matching in CMOS 65 nm for a mmWave Beamformer
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장승현, 공선우, 이희동, 박봉혁, 현석봉
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.1390-1392
21HH9800, THz 대역 RF 핵심 부품 개발, 현석봉
Due to circuit element mismatch occurred during semiconductor fabrication, there exists a discrepancy in performance between the implemented chips and the circuit simulation results. Unfortunately, this discrepancy becomes more severe as a system require higher signal quality. In this paper, a temperature sensor circuit for a mmWave beamformer for 5th generation mobile communication systems is designed and simulated using a CMOS 65 nm process. To obtain highly accurate and robust performance against the circuit element mismatches during the chip production, a dynamic element rotation is exploited because the implementation is simple and occupies small silicon area. According to 1000-run Monte Carlo simulation results, the accuracy of a designed temperature sensor circuit is improved by eight times under a 3- svariation in sensor biasing currents
KSP 제안 키워드
CMOS 65 nm, Dynamic Element Matching, Highly accurate, Monte-Carlo simulation(MCS), Robust performance, Semiconductor Fabrication(Wafer Fab), Signal quality, Silicon area, circuit simulation, mobile communication system, simulation results