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Conference Paper A Study on the Necessity of Multi-Factor Design for Predicting Safety of Shipyard Workers
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Hwang Yoon Sook, Jung Woosung, Yoo Dae Seung
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.949-951
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21HS4900, Development of 5G-based Shipbuilding and Marine Smart Communication Platform and Convergence Service, Yoo Dae Seung
Although various efforts are being made to reduce industrial accidents of shipyard workers, the number of industrial accidents has not been reduced commensurately with its. Therefore, we thought that it is the time to consider the diverse aspects to ensure the safety of shipyard workers from the risk of industrial accidents. In this study, we were checked the studies conducted focusing on the work space of the shipyard and the unsafe behavior of the workers with aimed to ensure the safety of shipyard workers. The results of checking these studies, we confirmed that the need to conduct the convergence researches considering the aspects of interactions that could be occurred when workers behave in a space of a shipyard. Therefore, we will plan to develop an advanced risk prediction algorithm of workers in shipyard by reflecting these findings in current research project.
KSP Keywords
Current research, Factor design, Industrial accidents, Multi-factor, Unsafe behavior, Work space, prediction algorithms, research projects, risk prediction