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Journal Article Hybrid In-memory Storage for Cloud Infrastructure
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Kim Dae Won, Kim Sun Wook, Soocheol Oh
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인터넷정보학회논문지, v.22 no.5, pp.57-67
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21HS4400, Development of Intelligence Cloud Edge SW Platform , Kim Sun Wook
Modern cloud computing is rapidly changing from traditional hypervisor-based virtual machines to container-based cloud-native environments. Due to limitations in I/O performance required for both virtual machines and containers, the use of high-speed storage (SSD, NVMe, etc.) is increasing, and in-memory computing using main memory is also emerging. Running a virtual environment on main memory gives better performance compared to other storage arrays. However, RAM used as main memory is expensive and due to its volatile characteristics, data is lost when the system goes down. Therefore, additional work is required to run the virtual environment in main memory. In this paper, we propose a hybrid in-memory storage that combines a block storage such as a high-speed SSD with main memory to safely operate virtual machines and containers on main memory. In addition, the proposed storage showed 6 times faster write speed and 42 times faster read operation compared to regular disks for virtual machines, and showed the average 12% improvement of container’s performance tests.
KSP Keywords
Block storage, Cloud Computing, Container-based Cloud, I/O performance, In-Memory Computing, In-memory storage, Performance Test, Virtual environment, Virtual machine(VM), cloud infrastructure, high-speed storage