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학술대회 Downlink Performance of Testbed for MN system Using 22-GHz mmWave
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김선애, 최승남, 정희상
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.1548-1551
21HH1300, [사회문제] 통신비 부담 경감을 위한 대중교통수단에서의 공공와이파이 체감 품질 개선, 정희상
In this paper, we evaluate the downlink (DL) performance of the mmwave-based moving network (MN) system testbed for vehicles developed by ETRI operating in the 22~23.6GHz frequency band. The MN system aims to provide high-speed Internet service through wireless Wi-Fi access point (AP) to passengers traveling on the public bus. It consists of a base station for wireless backhaul and the communication equipment outside the vehicle, which are designed with a newly defied 5G new radio (NR) specification in above 6GHz frequency band. In this paper, major technologies of MN system to overcome communication link loss in urban driving environment and downlink design to support high capacity are described. In addition, we show the downlink data throughput performance in the MN testbed equipped with beam switching, which is one of the main characteristics of the MN system. The laboratory and outdoor experiments confirmed that the MN system provides the peak data rate of over 3Gbps and approximately 2.5Gbps, respectively, for the six component carriers.
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Beam switching, Communication equipment, Communication link, Data throughput, High-capacity, High-speed internet, Internet service, Link loss, Outdoor experiment, Throughput performance, Wi-Fi access point