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학술지 All-solid-state Hybrid Electrode Configuration for High-performance All-solid-state Batteries: Comparative Study with Composite Electrode and Diffusion-dependent Electrode
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김주영, 정승원, 강석훈, 이명주, 진다희, 신동옥, 이영기, 이용민
Journal of Power Sources, v.518, pp.1-8
21JB3100, 나노입자의 차원 제어를 통한 흑연/고체전해질 복합체 기반의 3차원 구조 음극 설계 및 조성 최적화, 이영기
To realize high-performance all-solid-state batteries, an efficient design for all-solid-state electrodes is vital. Composite electrode, which is comprised of well-mixed active material and solid electrolyte, is a typical structure to build well-percolated ionic pathways within the electrode. In contrast, diffusion-dependent electrode, which consists mostly of active material, is an emerging approach that utilizes interparticle diffusion between active material particles for charge/discharge. This design enables maximization of energy density and simplification of the fabrication process. Herein, we present a hybrid all-solid-state electrode that combines the merits of each electrode as a new electrode concept. This electrode consists of a bilayer structure of the composite electrode and the diffusion-dependent electrode, and its electrochemical features such as initial Coulombic efficiency, capacity retention, and energy density are systematically analyzed. Owing to the active utilization of lithium-ion transports via percolated solid electrolyte particles and interparticle diffusion of active material particles, the graphite-based hybrid electrode with a practically meaningful capacity (~4 mA h cm?닋2) is demonstrated to deliver moderately high energy densities at various C-rates. In particular, silicon/graphite-based hybrid electrode can exhibit high normalized capacities of 5.83 mA h cm?닋2 and 1300 mA h cm?닋3, which are among the highest values reported to date for all-solid-state batteries.
All-solid-state battery, Electrode design, Hybrid structure, Lithium-ion transport
KSP 제안 키워드
Active materials, All-solid-state electrodes, Bilayer structure, Composite Electrode, Design for All, Energy density, High performance, Hybrid electrode, Hybrid structure, Interparticle diffusion, Solid electrolyte