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학술대회 Adaptively Variable Frame-rate Fluoroscopy with an Ultra-fast Digital X-ray Tube Based on Carbon Nanotube Field Electron Emitters
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이정웅, 정진우, 박소라, 김재우, 강준태, 윤기남, 고은솔, 전효진, 안유정, 연지환, 김성희, 송윤호
SPIE Medical Imaging 2020 (SPIE 11312), pp.1-7
19JB1500, 고속, 가변 프레임의 디지털 엑스선 소스를 이용한 엑스선 투시 영상 시스템 기술 개발, 송윤호
Fluoroscopy is a radiological technique that provides real-time x-ray viewing in interventional and angiographic procedures. In fluoroscopic procedures, there are several issues have to be solved, such as a risk of radiation exposure to the patients and operators and low image qualities by motion blur. To lower the radiation dose and motion blur, most of fluoroscopic systems provide a pulse-mode operation. However, conventional systems adopt filament-based thermionic analog x-ray tubes that generate relatively longer x-ray pulses than a few milliseconds due to intrinsic difficulty in modulating electron emissions, thus still have many problems of motion blur for fast objects, unnecessary x-ray radiation, and mismatched frame rate to the moving objects. In this work, we tried to solve these problems by suggesting an adaptively variable frame-rate fluoroscopy with an ultra-fast digital x-ray tube (DXT) based on carbon nanotube (CNT) field electron emitters. We first fabricated a vacuum-sealed CNT DXT and its monoblock with a power generator for the fluoroscopic system. Ultra-short and high-frequency x-ray pulses of up to 500 ns at 1 MHz was achieved by the direct control of electron emission through an active current-control unit. X-ray pulse frames from the CNT DXT with a tube voltage of 120 kV and current of 20 mA were adaptively modulated in the range of 1-30 Hz according to the motion of objects, greatly improving temporal resolution with a reduced radiation dose. The adaptively variable frame-rate fluoroscopy could pave the way for both reducing x-ray doses and improving temporal and spatial resolution.
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Active current, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Control Unit, Current Control, Digital X-ray, Direct Control, Electron Emission, Field electron emitters, Frame rate, High Frequency(HF), Moving Object