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학술대회 Propagation Characteristics of Urban and Highway Vehicle-to-Everything(V2X) Channels at 5.9 GHz
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김청섭, 김준석, 홍주연, 임종수, 정영준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.872-876
21HH2100, 선제적 주파수 이용을 위한 시·공간적 스펙트럼 엔지니어링 기술 개발, 정영준
Channel estimation using vehicle-to-everything (V2X) delay and Doppler information is important in several wireless applications, like resource management, adaptive modulation and coding, channel assignment, and localization. An experimental study of the delay-Doppler and stationary distance properties of V2X wireless channels at 5.9 GHz in both urban metropolitan and highway environments are presented. The measurements and results of delay spread and K factor are described. Also, to reflect the measured environment, a certain distance that meets the wide-sense stationary (WSS) condition in the 5.9 GHz V2X environment is additionally proposed. In the V2X channel environment which was not included in the existing channel model, several parameters are extracted and proposed. These propagation characteristics such as stationary distance, delay spread, K-factor, and Doppler shift based on various channel measurements, will be useful for research on V2X radio communications.
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5.9 GHz, Adaptive Modulation and Coding(AMC), An experimental study, Channel estimation(CE), Channel measurement, Delay spread, Doppler Shift, Doppler information, Propagation characteristics, Radio communication, Resource management