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Conference Paper A Line Shaped Field Emitter Fabricated Using Carbon Nanotube Yarn
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Ki Nam Yun, Jeong Jin-Woo, Kang Jun Tae, Park Sora, Kim Jae-Woo, Kim Seong Jun, Choi Sunghoon, Eun Sol Ko, 이정웅, Yujung Ahn, Yun/Jiwhan, Kim Sunghee, Yoon-Ho Song
Issue Date
International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons (NDNC) 2020/2021, pp.200-200
Project Code
21HB2500, Development of digital microfocus X-ray tubes and their high-productivity in-line inspection equipment for ultra-integrated ICT products, Yoon-Ho Song
KSP Keywords
Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Carbon nanotube yarn, field emitter