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Conference Paper Performance Evaluation of Wireless Absolute Time Synchronization for Mission-Critical Industry
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Chang Kapseok, Cho Woncheol, Kim Yong Sun, Ko Young Jo
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.611-615
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21HH1800, Speciality Laboratory for Wireless Backhaul Communications based on Very High Frequency, Ko Young Jo
There are several advantages to build a mission-critical industry wireless rather than wired. However, it was not able to provide strictly as low-latency, reliability, and absolute time synchronization (ATS) as wired. With the recent advance of mobile communication standards, especially 5G URLLC, the possibility of wireless realization to the industry that requires below-1 {s} ATS timing accuracy has been opened. In this paper, we present first a physical-layer frame structure suitable for factory automation, a representative mission-driven industrial application. Under this structure, through computer evaluation, we provide and compare ATS performances based on both-link techniques related with synchronization in 4G and 5G standards.
KSP Keywords
Absolute time, Communication Standards, Frame structure, Low latency, Mission-critical, Performance evaluation, Physical Layer, Time synchronization, factory automation, industrial applications, mobile communication