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학술대회 A PoC Service of Intelligent Device in the Smart City: Human Detection
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김현학, 박동환, 서영호, 박태준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2021, pp.1290-1292
Intelligent services are essential for various services in a smart city. However, it is still difficult to find a perfect example of intelligent services in our real life. Recently, the term artificial intelligence service has been used more than the term intelligent service. However, it is still difficult to find examples of applying artificial intelligence services in the real world due to the minimal performance requirements to run the model smoothly. A technology for lightweighting intelligent models is being developed so that artificial intelligence models can operate even on low-performance devices. If a lightweight intelligent model can be freely used in low-performance devices, many intelligent services suitable for the IoT era will flourish. Therefore, we tried PoC service in a smart city using a lightweight intelligent model mounted on the Raspberry Pi, a low-performance device, and we confirmed the possibility.
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Artificial intelligence models, Human detection, Intelligent models, Real-world, Smart city, intelligence service, intelligent device, intelligent service, performance requirements, raspberry pi