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학술지 Multi-Incidence Holographic Profilometry for Large Gradient Surfaces with Sub-Micron Focusing Accuracy
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Moncy Sajeev Idicula, Tomasz Kozacki, Michal Jozwik, Patryk Mitura, Juan Martinez-Carranza, 추현곤
Sensors, v.22 no.1, pp.1-14
21HH4400, 홀로그램 기반의 위상 검출용 디지털 홀로그래피 메트롤로지 기술 개발, 임용준
Surface reconstruction for micro-samples with large discontinuities using digital holography is a challenge. To overcome this problem, multi-incidence digital holographic profilometry (MIDHP) has been proposed. MIDHP relies on the numerical generation of the longitudinal scanning function (LSF) for reconstructing the topography of the sample with large depth and high axial resolution. Nevertheless, the method is unable to reconstruct surfaces with large gradients due to the need of: (i) high precision focusing that manual adjustment cannot fulfill and (ii) preserving the functionality of the LSF that requires capturing and processing many digital holograms. In this work, we propose a novel MIDHP method to solve these limitations. First, an autofocusing algorithm based on the comparison of shapes obtained by the LSF and the thin tilted element approximation is proposed. It is proven that this autofocusing algorithm is capable to deliver in-focus plane localization with submicron resolution. Second, we propose that wavefield summation for the generation of the LSF is carried out in Fourier space. It is shown that this scheme enables a significant reduction of arithmetic operations and can minimize the number of Fourier transforms needed. Hence, a fast generation of the LSF is possible without compromising its accuracy. The functionality of MIDHP for measuring surfaces with large gradients is supported by numerical and experimental results.
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Arithmetic operations, Axial Resolution, Fourier space, Large gradients, Manual adjustment, Plane localization, Submicron resolution, digital holography, fourier transform, high-precision, numerical and experimental
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