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학술지 Metal Oxide Charge Transfer Complex for Effective Energy Band Tailoring in Multilayer Optoelectronics
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김무현, 권병화, 주철웅, 조명선, 장한휘, 김예지, 조현진, 전덕영, 조남명, 정연식
Nature Communications, v.13, pp.1-9
Nature Research
Metal oxides are intensively used for multilayered optoelectronic devices such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Many approaches have been explored to improve device performance by engineering electrical properties. However, conventional methods cannot enable both energy level manipulation and conductivity enhancement for achieving optimum energy band configurations. Here, we introduce a metal oxide charge transfer complex (NiO:MoO3-complex), which is composed of few-nm-size MoO3 domains embedded in NiO matrices, as a highly tunable carrier injection material. Charge transfer at the finely dispersed interfaces of NiO and MoO3 throughout the entire film enables effective energy level modulation over a wide work function range of 4.47 ?? 6.34 eV along with enhanced electrical conductivity. The high performance of NiO:MoO3-complex is confirmed by achieving 189% improved current efficiency compared to that of MoO3-based green OLEDs and also an external quantum efficiency of 17% when applied to blue OLEDs, which is superior to 1,4,5,8,9,11-hexaazatriphenylene-hexacarbonitrile-based conventional devices.
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Band tailoring, Blue OLEDs, Carrier injection, Charge transfer complex(CTC), Conductivity enhancement, Conventional devices, Conventional methods, Effective energy, Electrical conductivity(EC), Energy band, Enhanced electrical conductivity
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