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학술지 Overall Control of Field Emission from Carbon Nanotube Paste-emitters through Macro-geometries for High-performance Electron Source Applications
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안유정, 김성준, 정진우, 박소라, 김재우, 고은솔, 이정웅, 강준태, 윤기남, 최성훈, 김성희, 연지환, 송윤호
Carbon, v.189, pp.519-529
21HB2500, 초고밀도 ICT 제품 검사용 디지털 마이크로포커스 엑스선 튜브 개발과 이를 이용한 고생산성의 인라인 검사 장비 선도 개발, 송윤호
Field-emitted electron beams from nanometer-scale materials like carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have the potential to regenerate electron source devices based on performance, form factor, and usability. Practically, digital X-ray tubes fabricated with strongly adhesive CNT paste-emitters produce very short and exact X-ray pulses compared with conventional thermionic devices, providing greatly enhanced X-ray images with minimal X-ray dose. Although screen-printed CNT paste-emitters have been studied for a relatively long time, their field electron emissions have not been fully understood or optimally designed for specific electron source applications, because of the complexity arising from the intrinsic printing property, along with process reproducibility and device configurations. Here, we report an approach for the overall control of field electron emissions from multi-dot CNT paste-emitters, including electron-beam trajectories based on emitter dot size, dot array distribution, and triode configurations, using experiments and computational simulations. The crucial factors, such as the unit dot size of the CNT emitters and the aspect ratio of the triode structure, were successfully extracted, and can be used in designing and producing high-performance field-emitted electron source devices.
KSP 제안 키워드
CNT paste, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Digital X-ray, Electron Beam, Form factor, High performance, Long Time, Nanometer-scale, Triode structure, aspect ratio, carbon nanotube paste