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학술지 Multilevel Absorbers via the Integration of Undoped and Tungsten- Doped Multilayered Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films
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고병수, 채지연, Trevon Badloe, 김홍윤, 김수정, 홍성훈, 백태종, 노준석
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, v.14 no.1, pp.1404-1412
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Reconfigurable light absorbers have attracted much attention by providing additional optical responses and expanding the number of degrees of freedom in security applications. Fabry-P챔rot absorbers based on phase change materials with tunable properties can be implemented over large scales without the need for additional steps such as lithography, while exhibiting reconfigurable optical responses. However, a fundamental limitation of widely used phase change materials such as vanadium dioxide and germanium-antimony-tellurium-based chalcogenide glasses is that they have only two distinct phases; therefore, only two different states of optical properties are available. Here, we experimentally demonstrate active multilevel absorbers that are tuned by controlling the external temperature. This is produced by creating large-scale lithography-free multilayer structures with both undoped and tungsten-doped solution-processed monoclinic-phase vanadium dioxide thin films. The doping of vanadium dioxide with tungsten allows for the modulation of the phase-transition temperature, which results in an extra degree of freedom and therefore an additional step for the tunable properties. The proposed multilevel absorber is designed and characterized both numerically and experimentally. Such large-scale multilevel tunable absorbers realized with nanoparticle-based solution fabrication techniques are expected to open the way for advanced thermo-optical cryptographic devices based on tunable reflective coloration and near-infrared absorption.
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Chalcogenide glass(ChG), Degrees of freedom(DOF), Fabrication techniques, Near-Infrared(NIR), Phase Change Material(PCM), Phase-transition temperature, Solution-processed, Thermo-optical, Tunable Absorbers, Tunable properties, Vanadium dioxide thin film