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학술지 지반정보 변화객체 탐지·추출 시스템 개발
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김광수, 김봉완, 장인성
한국측량학회지, v.39 no.6, pp.515-523
21IR2600, 지하정보 변화객체 탐지·추출 기술 개발, 김광수
An integrated underground spatial map consists of underground facilities, underground structures, and ground information, and is periodically updated. In this paper, we design and implement a system for detecting and extracting only changed ground objects to shorten the map update speed. To find the changed objects, all the objects are compared, which are included in the newly input map and the reference map in the integrated map. Since the entire process of comparing objects and generating results is classified by function, the implemented system is composed of several modules such as object comparer, changed object detector, history data manager, changed object extractor, changed type classifier, and changed object saver. We use two metrics: detection rate and extraction rate, to evaluate the performance of the system. As a result of applying the system to boreholes, ground wells, soil layers, and rock floors in Pyeongtaek, 100% of inserted, deleted, and updated objects in each layer are detected. In addition, it provides the advantage of ensuring the up-to-dateness of the reference map by downloading it whenever maps are compared. In the future, additional research is needed to confirm the stability and effectiveness of the developed system using various data to apply it to the field.
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Data manager, Extraction rate, History data, Map Update, Underground facilities, Underground structures, detection rate(DR), object detector, spatial map, up-to-dateness
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