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학술지 A NIR-Light-Driven Twisted and Coiled Polymer Actuator with a PEDOT-Tos/Nylon-6 Composite for Durable and Remotely Controllable Artificial Muscle
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황인욱, 문성철, 신형철, 윤성률
Polymers, v.14 no.3, pp.1-11
21HS3900, 신체기능의 이상이나 저하를 극복하기 위한 휴먼 청각 및 근력 증강 원천 기술 개발, 신형철
In this paper, we proposed a novel light-driven polymer actuator that could produce remotely controllable tensile stroke in response to near infrared (NIR) light. The light-driven polymer actuator was composed of a twisted and coiled nylon-6 fiber (TCN) and a thin poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) doped with p-toluenesulfonate (PEDOT-Tos) layer. By adopting dip-coating methodology with thermal polymerization process, we constructed a thin and uniform PEDOT-Tos layer on the surface of the three-dimensional TCN structure. Thanks to the PEDOT-Tos layer with excellent NIR light absorption characteristic, the NIR light illumination via a small LEDs array allowed the multiple PEDOT-Tos coated TCN actuators to be photo-thermally heated to a fairly consistent temperature and to simultaneously produce a contractile strain that could be modulated as high as 8.7% with light power. The actuation performance was reversible without any significant hysteresis and highly durable during 3000 cyclic operations via repetitive control of the LEDs. Together with its simple structure and facile fabrication, the light-driven actuator can lead to technical advances in artificial muscles due to its attractive benefits from remote controllability without complex coupled instruments and electromagnetic interference.
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4-Ethylenedioxythiophene(EDOT), Absorption characteristic, Artificial Muscle, Coating methodology, Dip-coating, Electromagnetic interference, Facile fabrication, Light absorption, Light-driven, NIR light, Near-Infrared(NIR)
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