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학술지 외국어 교육용 대화 시스템을 위한 목적지향 대화 데이터 구축 연구 : 한국어 대화 데이터를 중심으로
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최승권, 이요한, 권오욱
외국어교육, v.29 no.1, pp.105-124
21HS2800, 준지도학습형 언어지능 원천기술 및 이에 기반한 외국인 지원용 한국어 튜터링 서비스 개발, 이윤근
In order to implement a dialogue system for Korean language tutoring, this paper aimed to describe a method of constructing a large amount of Korean task-oriented dialogue data using the Wizard-of-OZ method and a pedagogical feedback and evaluation method for Korean language errors made by foreign learners. The procedure for constructing a large amount of Korean task-oriented dialogue data consisted of three steps. The first step was the preparation step for the learner’s prior learning. The second step was related to a large Korean dialogue map constructed by Korean native speakers using the Wizard-of-OZ method. The third step was implementation of a Korean dialogue system based on the dialogue map. In educational feedback and evaluation, functions such as paraphrases, recommendation expressions, educational success rate, and error content evaluation by learner level were proposed. By means of the Wizard-of-OZ method, 3,253 Korean task-oriented dialogue data were established in four domains: restaurant, hotel, tourist attraction, and taxi. The dialogue system for Korean language tutoring is currently being implemented based on Korean task- oriented dialogue data. Ultimately, the task-oriented dialogue system for Korean language tutoring aims at an “augmentation of education” that collaborates with human teachers, not “teacher-less education” that replaces human teachers.
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Content Evaluation, Educational success, Evaluation method, Human teachers, Korean language, Native speakers, Prior learning, Second step, Success rate, Task-oriented, Wizard-of-Oz